Friday, December 16, 2011

Journal #40

After today's reading...

* Choose a part of the book that you find particularly interesting or well done

* Quote from it

* Explain why you chose it

100 words minimum

turning in journals #21-40

1. Review your work.
Mark one entry with a star or a sticky note. Above the entry or on the note, write why you chose it / what you want me to respond to.

2. Evaluate yourself.
Beneath the most recent entry (i.e., #40) rate yourself out of 10 in the following three categories. Have an average score for all your entries.

1. Depth / Detail ______ out of 10
(i.e., how fully you answered the question / wrote to the prompt)

2. Completeness ______ out of 10
(i.e., how many of the entries you finished)

3. Clarity _____ out of 10

I will assess your journals largely based on depth/detail and completeness.

Monday, December 12, 2011

capsule reviews of The Odyssey

What are the strengths and weaknesses of this version of The Odyssey?

Write a review in one paragraph on a 4x6 notecard. (Use the lined side.)

You can focus on:

  • Faithfulness to the original story
  • Script / Dialogue
  • Acting
  • Music / sound effects
  • Camerawork (cinematography)
  • Special Effects

agendas, Dec. 12-16

Monday, 12/12
* To better understand The Odyssey
* To become sharper observers of cinema

1. The Odyssey: The Movie (excerpted)
2. Capsule Reviews

Journals are due this week.

Have you finished your Odyssey essay?

Mr. A. was out sick Tuesday - Thursday

Tuesday, 12/13
Book 12 of The Odyssey (as read by Sir Ian McKellen)
Visual Notes

Wednesday, 12/14
Reading Day
Journal #40

Thursday, 12/15
Book 13 of The Odyssey (as read by Sir Ian McKellen)
Putting the story of Odysseus in chronological order

Friday 12/16
* To write for an authentic audience

1. Checking in
2. Preparing journals to be turned in
3. Turning in journals
4. Blogging!

Odyssey in-class writing task

The assignment is at this link.

Time: 45 mins to 1.5 hrs.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Journal #39

Notes--the highlights from today's reading (book 10, "The Bewitching Queen of Aeaea").

Journal #38

After today's reading time (30 min), write a letter to the author of your story, asking questions or making comments on situations, characters, etc.

If your letter is short, write another one--a response from the author!

100 words minimum (in total)

Journal #37

Notes on today's presentations (summarizing books 1-7 of The Odyssey).

* Major plot points
* Important characters
* Concepts / words
* Mr. A fills in the gaps

Thursday, December 8, 2011

agendas, Dec. 5-9

Monday, 12/5
* To understand the plotline of The Odyssey
* To work well in groups when given a task with parameters
* To have fun

1. Instructions
2. Forming groups
3. Preparation
4. Performance
5. Reflection: Journal #37

Tuesday, 12/6
* To understand the plotline of The Odyssey
* To comprehend through visualization

1. Finishing from yesterday / recap
2. Book 8 summary
3. Book 9, as read by Gandalf
4. Visual Notes

Wednesday, 12/7
* To read for focus and comprehension

1. Reading Time (30 min)
2. Journal #38
3. Reading Records

Thursday, 12/8
* To understand the plotline of The Odyssey
* To comprehend through questioning

1. Book 10: "The Bewitching Queen of Aeaea"
a. Whole class
b. Small groups (until 2:32)
c. Journal #39 (on the board)

Read all the way to the end of Book 10 (p. 248)--if you don't finish, you'll need to check out a book.

Tomorrow: in-class writing task based on the book.

Friday, 12/9
* To demonstrate our understanding of The Odyssey
* To write clearly and persuasively
* To use textual details to support a thesis

1. Odyssey in-class writing task

Today's assessment is open book--you may use your journal, your visual notes, and The Odyssey!

If you work all the way through the period, but don't finish, you can finish this weekend.

Hold on to your visual notes - they'll go in your folder!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Journal #36

How are you?

* Academic focus
* Any other relevant information
* Whatever's on your mind

Start your piece, "Dear Mr. Anderson," and go from there.

1/2 page or more

Thursday, December 1, 2011

task list and survey, 12/1/11

Complete the tasks listed below, and then fill out this survey. Verify with Mr. Anderson.

folder update: 12/1/11

1. The Waking
2. Future Self drawing
3. "To learn best..." reading assessment
4. "Einstein the Nobody" reading assessment
5. Ability / Effort survey
6. Reading survey
7. Second feedback practice essay
8. Alchemist packet (essays, feedback principles, practice feedback)
9. Expressive reading rubric
10. Open House letter
11. Reflective drawing
12. Speech practice notecard
13. Vocal Quality / Fluency rubric 
14. Nonverbal Communication rubric
15. Book Cover
16. Practice Debate Notes (4x6 card)
17. Debate Ballot
18. Debate Self-Evaluation
19. Hero's Journey practice (4x6 card)

Improvement Checklist
On the right, inside your folder, list things you need to work on. Minimum of TWO in each category, six total.

Three headings:

Use your own brain, and look at the feedback you've given / received, especially from the debate project, and from your reading spreadsheet.