Friday, September 30, 2011

Journal #14

Freewrite and don't stop.

Don't correct. If you can't think of something, write, "I can't think of something," until you think of something. Then write that.

Don't stop!

(It's not a race. You don't have to write super-fast.)

When you're done, reflect:

1. How many words did you write?

2. Did you write all the way through? Rate yourself from 1-10.

3. Briefly explain your rating.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Google Docs!

1. Have you received the spreadsheet? Make sure you do that first.

2. Then, publish your own Google Doc. Your choice of writing style / content. 100-200 words. Title it with your first and last name, plus "First Attempt." Like this: Mr. Anderson First Attempt.

3. Then, share your Google Doc with another student. They'll write a comment on it. (They'll do the same.)

4. Last, share your Google Doc with Mr. Anderson:

5. That's it! You're now an expert!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Journal #13

What did you think about reading expressively? Did you get useful feedback from your peer? What might you do differently next time? Why might it be important to read expressively?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Journal #12

Predict Mr. Anderson's comments on your revised Alchemist essay.

1. One thing to improve (not including spelling / grammar / punctuation)
2. One thing done well
3. Another thing done well

Journal #11

What's your full name? What does it mean? Are you named after someone? What's the story behind your name? Any other stories connected to your name? Do you like or dislike your name?

Answer any or all of these questions!

agendas, Sept. 26-30

Monday, 9/26
To build community
To practice writing for an authentic audience
To practice giving feedback / editing / revising

1. Journal #11: What's your name?
2. Names Quiz
3. Previewing today's task
4. Lab time (in D-12)

Tuesday, 9/27
To check our understanding
To build community
To finish important tasks
To share our work

1. Letters, Alchemist essay packets out
2. A special announcement
3. Names Quiz (correcting or taking)
4. Sharing essays
5. Journal #12
6. Turning in work
7. Google Docs / Lab Tasks

Tomorrow is Reading Day! Bring a book!

Wednesday, 9/28
To read for focus, fluency, and enjoyment
To boost comprehension
To practice shared reading

1. Quick intro
2. Reading time / records
3. Expressive reading
4. Journal #13

Got book?

Thursday, 9/29
To publish on Google Docs!

1. Journal #14
2. Introduction to Google Docs
3. Publishing a Google Doc
4. Sharing your Google Doc

Special guests come tomorrow!

Friday, 9/30
To hear authentic examples of writing
To practice offering feedback / questions
To broaden vocabulary

1. Brief intro
2. Rearranging desks
3. Special guest presenters
4. Question / feedback time
5. Journal #15: Stump Mr. Anderson

Welcome our guests!

Monday, September 26, 2011

an invitation to CHS's Open House

In a one-page letter (100-200 words or so), invite a family member to tomorrow's Open House.


* The time
* The location
* The activities / agenda
* The reasons you want them to attend
* Any other important information

How you phrase the letter is up to you.

To find relevant info, sign into Skyward, check your "Message Center," go to "expired" messages, and see the announcement from Mr. Broome!

BEFORE PRINTING, ensure that someone else in the class has given you feedback, especially for conventions (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.). We want this to be a perfect letter.

At the bottom of the letter, provide a space for the family member to respond and sign the letter:

"I can / can't attend the Open House. ___________ "

Return the signed letter tomorrow.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

folder update: 9/23/11

The following assignments should be in your folder, in this order:

1. "The Waking"
2. Future Self drawing
3. "To learn best..." reading assessment
4. "Einstein the Nobody" reading assessment
5. Ability / Effort survey
6. Reading survey

Thursday, September 22, 2011

second homework assignment: revising the Alchemist essay

Using the principles we discussed in class, comment on / mark up your Alchemist essay, and then revise it.

In a packet, you'll turn in...

1. The principles of effective feedback (handed out Thurs)
2. Your practice with the sample paper (completed Thurs)
3. Your original Alchemist essay
4. Your revised Alchemist essay
5. An author's statement explaining and justifying the changes (100-150 words)

Due Tuesday, Sept. 27th

Journal #10

Write about what you can take away from today's lesson. Something you learned. Something you might do differently going forward. Something interesting.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Journal #9

How to Calculate Words Per Minute

1. Calculate the number of pages you read. Be exact--use decimals! (ex: 10.5 pages)

2. Find a "normal" page, and calculate the number of words per "normal" page. (ex: 310 words)

a. Average words per line x # of lines OR
b. Words on half page x 2

3. Multiply these numbers. (ex: 3255)

4. Divide the number by the minutes we read (ex: 21).

5. This number is your WPM--words per minute (ex: 163).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mr. A's brief philosophy of writing

Everything written is a work in progress.

Journal #8

Reflect. What did you learn or think about during today's sharing time?

You might focus on...

* The content of the stories

* The group process

* The writing / publishing / sharing process

Monday, September 19, 2011

Journal #7

Are you a techie?

Describe your level of technological proficiency. Computers, smartphones, the Web, blogging, Facebook, Twitter... etc.

agendas, Sept. 19-23

Monday, 9/19
To learn about blogging
To become members of the class publishing blog
To demonstrate technological proficiency

1. Journal #7
2. Brief intro to the blog
3. Computer Lab: logging on

Tuesday, 9/20
To practice group work
To share our writing with others
To successfully blog

1. Carol Dweck
2. Sharing our essays / interviews
3. Journal #8: reflection
4. Computer Lab: continuing / extending yesterday's work

Wednesday, 9/21
To read for focus and enjoyment
To record our fluency
To calculate WPM

1. Reading Time
2. Reading Records
3. Calculating WPM
4. Journal #9: Record the process

Thursday, 9/22

To learn the principles of effective feedback
To practice giving good feedback

1. Student Sample
2. How to Give Effective Feedback
3. Practicing: revising our own work
4. Journal #10: Reflection

Friday, 9/23

To review material
To learn a reviewing technique
To practice working in groups
To have fun

1. Organizing folders / making a checklist
2. Intro to SuperQuiz!
3. SuperQuiz!

Friday, September 16, 2011

your first homework assignment

To extend learning outside the classroom
To enrich our understanding of the Growth Mindset
To practice research and writing

1. Research a real-life example of the Growth or Fixed Mindset in action

2. Talk to a friend (not in this class) or family member about a related issue / story. Write up the interview.

250-ish words (1 page double-spaced)

Due Tuesday, Sept. 20

Journal #6

After the brief introduction to Carol Dweck's description of The Growth Mindset, write about...

* Where you fall on the spectrum. Do you have a Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset, mostly? Or are you somewhere in the middle?


* Share your opinion. Does Dweck's idea make sense to you? Do you disagree with the descriptions of the two basic approaches?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Journal #5

Journal #4

In a paragraph, describe a time you failed at something, or made a big mistake.

What happened?

Monday, September 12, 2011

agendas, Sept. 12-15

Monday, 9/12
To prepare for Reading Day
To learn the plethora of literary / technological offerings available to CHS students

1. Turn in signed rules sheet / name check-in
2. The day's agenda
3. Library intro / orientation
4. Getting a book

Have you turned in your English journal?

Tuesday, 9/13
To prepare for the year (pre-assessment)
To learn about the Growth Mindset

1. Pick up your journal; read my response
2. Turn in signed rules sheet
3. Survey
4. Comparison / Discussion
5. Journal #4
6. What We Know

Happy Tacky Tie Tuesday!
Did you collect your journal?
Do you have a book for tomorrow?

Wednesday, 9/14
To learn and begin our record-keeping process
To read for focus and fluency
To read for enjoyment

1. Journal #5
2. Brief Reading Fluency Assessment
3. Reading Time
4. Reading Records / Paperwork
5. Reflection

Got Book?

Thursday, 9/15
To learn and continue our record-keeping process
To read for focus and fluency
To learn further about the "Growth Mindset"
To become familiar with the dictionary (as time permits)

1. Survey #2: Reading
2. Brief Reading Fluency Assessment: Part II
3. Reflection / Discussion
4. Growth Mindset
5. Journal #6
6. Folders
7. Your First Homework!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Journal #3

Write me a letter! Start your journal "Dear Mr. Anderson," and go from there. You might write about your previous experiences in English classes (what you'd like to see, wouldn't like to see, like to learn, etc.), what's on your mind, ask questions, etc. Anything that will help me get to know you better--and, hopefully, teach you better.

ONe paragraph minimum.

Journal #2

After reading "The Waking," write about...

* Your thoughts about the poem

* Your thoughts about poetry in general--likes, dislikes, etc.

Share your honest opinion.

Journal #1

Part A

As you watch the film clip about the future of transportation, jot down...

* Things they got right

* Things they got wrong

Part B
Look over your list of right/wrong predictions. Think about yesterday's video, and...

* Make a personal connection
* Make your own prediction about the future
* Explain why things didn't turn out the way they hoped
* Share your opinion of the film / something in the film
* Start a story about the future

(Choose one!)

agendas, Sept. 7-9

Wednesday, 9/7
To consider the future
To build community
To become familiar with class routines and processes

1. Video + Journal #1: a vision of the future
2. Discussion
3. Your Future Self

* Learn everyone's name!
* Use pen, not pencil (pencil smears)
* Do not sit on (or write on) desks
* Keep electronic devices stowed and silent

Thursday, 9/8
To consider the future
To build community

1. Journal #1 part B
2. Reflection
3. The Waking
4. Villanelles
5. Journal #2

Friday, 9/9
To consider the future
To build community

1. Class expectations / syllabus / rules
2. Quick discussion
3. Journal #3
4. Collecting Journals