Thursday, May 10, 2012

Romeo and Juliet creative project

9th English Romeo and Juliet Performance Project, Spring 2012

Your task: creatively appropriate Romeo and Juliet, and perform and/or present your work in the coming weeks.

You might…
·       Write and recite a long poem (or series of shorter poems) based on the story
·       Write a sequel / change the ending / add a character (“fan fiction”)
·       Modernize / adapt the play
·       Change it from verse to a prose narrative
·       Make a movie or skit (5-10 minutes in length)
·       Something else approved by Mr. Anderson

Your work, obviously, won’t be entirely original—but it must be entirely yours.

You must include a 1-page written explanation of your performance (i.e., 200-300 words explaining your thought process, your creative choices, and how your work ties to a theme or themes in the play.)  If you’re part of a group, you still have to write an individual explanation.

The kind of project you choose will determine the materials you’ll need.  

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